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A staple part of any fem dom session is foot fetish worship. One of the first things a dominatrix does when she sees a slave is order him to his knees, have him take off her boots and then worship, kiss and adore her feet. On your knees, kissing her feet is an amazing experience and one to be regarded as an honor. It also shows the balance in power shift by the Domme having the naked male worship the part of her body she uses to walk on the ground or has inside her sweaty boots. Her tootsies are what she uses to have kissed or to have a slave rub lotion on them.

How ever, there are some slaves who are just so pathetic, so useless and so nauseating that they do not deserve the honor of kissing or rubbing. They deserve the humiliating ways she can use this part of her body. I am talking of course, about pathetic males like YOU.Our Live Mistress cams
You are so annoying to the opposite sex that even a Mistress does not want you doing any thing for her. Oh you get to be near her feet still, but instead of being allowed to kiss them and lavish attention on them, you get thrown to the floor, ordered to lie on your back as she takes her boots off and then pushed her sweaty, smelly foot on to your face. Squashing your nose and covering your mouth, you will be struggling to breathe as she forcefully pushes her foot down on you. As you squirm and try to catch a breath, she will look down on you and call you names and insult you.

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You will have your eyes closed because her foot will be pushing the skin over them and you will be powerless to resist the demands of this powerful woman. As she leans on her knee and shifts her body weight so it is all on your face, she will laugh as you make a rasping sound as you breathe through your squashed nose.
You will be able to feel all the little droplets of sweat on her feet and all the itty bitty pieces of dirt and grime that have gathered while they were crammed in to her hot boots. As she wiggles her toes, she is effectively wiping them on your face.

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Some dommes also like to stand on a slaves face with both feet. Balancing one across your eyes, the other across your mouth, she will put her full weight on your face and laugh as you struggle underneath her. Bouncing her weight on your face as your entire skull feels like It might crack, she will giggle and laugh. Pushing down hard on your nose and yelling at you, she does not give a damn about you or your pain and discomfort.
Another favourite act of a foot domination session is for the Domme to cover your mouth and nose with her foot, blocking all your airways. Holding them there, she will smirk as you begin to struggle to breath and just when you think you can not take any more, she lifts her foot and laughs as you gasp for air before she repeats this over and over.

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There are dozens of live Mistress cam Dommes who can chat to you about foot smothering and feet domination. They are live and online to satisfy the needs and desires of lowly subs like you who do not even deserve the honor of kissing her feet. So log on now and let these online fem dom webcam hosts transport you to another dimension and make all your dreams and fantasies become a reality.Check out our live foot fetish chat rooms where we have hundreds of females wiating to tease you in a live online web cam shows

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